Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Latina Still Standing – Faith – Family – Friends

Earlier this year, I set out with a goal to inspire and empower Latinas to never give up, no matter how hard life gets, I set out to create the Latina Still Standing blog and column.

When I began writing my Latina Still Standing blog in March of this year and the Latina Still Standing columns in June, I knew that I had a strong conviction to share more about what makes us Latinas so resilient.

I wanted to share my own stories and those of other Latinas about how they, too, have overcome so many obstacles. Along this journey, I have had the opportunity to hear from countless Latinas who say they can really relate to the Latina Still Standing motto of “Faith, Family and Friends.”  Those are the three key ingredients that I credit with helping me overcome obstacles.
Through numerous emails and Facebook interactions and at a recent Empowering Women’s Expo, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of Latina women who are still standing. Each one shared a little bit about their trials and tribulations and how they can relate to the spirit of Latina Still Standing brand.

Some of the women shared how they are proudly still standing after walking away from  abusive relationships. Others told how, as single moms , they are still standing because of their strong faith, family support and good friends. I listened to stories about loss and how the blog and columns inspire them to keep standing.  One Latina said she had lost her husband, a doctor, in a plane crash, while flying to Mexico to donate his medical services and how she wrote the words, "I am a Latina Still Standing," at the top of her notes to help her get through the eulogy. I even heard from younger Latinas who consider themselves to be “Latinas Still Standing” because they survived being cyber-bullied and being bullied in middle and high school.
I'm very excited about the mission of Latina Still Standing and it brings me great joy to celebrate and inspire women, especially Latinas. I have seen their excitement and felt their enthusiasm, most recently when I began distributing the "Latina Still Stnading" T-shirts. It gives me great pride to know htat other Latinas believe in encouraging and supporting one another. It brings me great happiness to know they are proud to be a part of Latinas Still Standing and produ to wear the Latina Still Standing brand.

Thank you to those who support this cause and a special "thank you" to those Latinas who are Still Standing. You continue to inspire me and together we can inspire each other!